Unconditional Love; Expectations vs. Reciprocation.

For some time now we have been meaning to shed some light on a matter that has made many turn around in circles, but before we get there let's first identify this unidentifiable term; "Love." The image of love has been truly massacred on planet earth. Rumi - never - has once said "Romantic love,… Continue reading Unconditional Love; Expectations vs. Reciprocation.


Healing the Emotional Body; From Purging to Transmuting.

One of the Dancing Stars' all-time favorite tasks to get done is healing her emotional body from accumulated densities – ok that’s a lie. Healing is actually a necessity more than a hobby or an activity, and it is a little bit more intense than playing basketball or going snorkeling. But with the awakening of… Continue reading Healing the Emotional Body; From Purging to Transmuting.


Can You Hear Me?

Our attention given to somebody is perceived to be a great gift in Starseed world. To give our attention to a speaker we usually follow three steps: Listening intently, understanding and analyzing. Applying these steps is not as easy as we think. You see, when someone opens up to another person - whether for pure… Continue reading Can You Hear Me?